So I'm dressing my dog as a spider for Halloween?

As the title says, I'm dressing my dog as a spider. Now my real question is what should I be to match him? My mom said I should be Miss Muffet but that's so not what I want. XD ideas, anyone?


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  • Ah, so adorable, @Ccmeu and I agree with mom for 'Miss Muffet.'
    However, with not 'What I want to be,' you could go as Curds and Whey or even a spider web or how about Spider Woman with some sort of sexy costume.
    Be safe and don't forget pooche's "Little Debby" coat, it gets chilly willy.
    Good luck. xxoo

    • lol.. Oh, wow, @ccmeu there really IS a Spider Woman character.:)) xx

    • I'm liking the web and the Spider Woman ideas, thanks. And the more I think about Miss Muffet the more I don't think it's so bad. AH. I don't know. :P

    • I do like the Miss Muffet idea and did right from the start but you didn't seem to like it, so with coming up with Spider Woman was another part to this cute doggie style with your doggie.
      Think it over but hurry... Halloween is in a few days. lolxxoo

  • I think Miss Muffet would be pretty cool :P um, I guess trying to match it the first thing that came to mind was Steve Irwin but that's not so great. You could try to make yourself into a spiders web? It'd be pretty simple, just requires black clothing you can either hang silver tinsel on or spray silver paint or silly string over. You could get some fake plastic flies and attach those to it too.

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