Why is it that people on gag hate popularity contest/pointless/troll questions and yet questions that need real advice gets little to none opinions?

Like this one...


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  • I assume the popularity questions are more amusing and "fun" to answer. I think some people on Gag secretly like it, i know i do (only reading them) for my amusement.

    Ones that need real attention and real advice gets shifted in the no opinion section, where i spend most of my time helping people. Like you.

    • thank you for doing so. you are a good person at heart.

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    • He possibly did want to attend the funeral as she was his ex wife. But it was better for him to respect her wishes. Glad to hear he did. And that's ok : )

    • Thank you for MH

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  • People tend to answer questions that are short and they find fun or ones that they feel a strong emotional reaction to.

    For example:
    "How tall are you" It's easy to answer and many people like to share about themselves.

    "Do you like my cat's mustache?"
    A lot of people would like to respond to that because it's fun and easy to answer.

    "Why are white police racists" *followed by 4 long paragraphs* Lots of people would likely read the question and answer because they'd feel a strong emotional reaction despite the length.

    A lot of people get upset about the popularity questions because they feel left out or pretty much annoyed at the people getting attention. When it's the same question everyday or 5 times a day I can understand they're just frustrated at the repetitiveness.

    Many serious questions have been overlooked because of the length of question and (I've felt this way before) sometimes they've asked like 5 to 10 questions and it would take me a long time to try and answer everything they want.


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  • The people who hate popularity/contest questions on GaG are usually the ones who post questions that get little to no opinions. They hate such questions because it highlights most of the people who get countless opinions on basically any question they ask, regardless of how silly they may be.

  • I try to answer a wide variety of questions. I usually go to each topic and answer a number of questions. I also try to visit the no opinions section daily to answer questions too.


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  • Where have you been? Have you even asked for real advice?

  • They're here to entertain themselves, not to help people.

  • What constitutes a question that needs real advice? "I'm so alone, why won't anyone love me? wah wahhhhh :'("

    • how do i go about telling my dad whom divorced my mother that has died from cancer that she did not want him to attend the funeral and my mothers family has the same wishes however none wants to talk to him and expects me to carry the burden of telling him. that was one of my questions

    • Asker- if i could help you with that situation of yours. Everyone is depending on you to do it. So do it for your mother. Just go up to your dad and tell him that you need to tell him something important. Just say, it was your mothers wishes for him not to attend her funeral. If he can respect her wishes, and not attend her funeral, you'll be sure that her family will be pleased and appreciate it.