Would you put your younger child self down so, that you could feel better about your-self if you both of you were in a room?

Would you tell her that she was a loser and un-worthy of anything great? Would you be able to bully her and break her emotional pass sanity? If it made you feel so in-control and powerful? Could you forgive yourself afterward? Do you think the child version of you would understand that you hurt her in order to teach her an important lesson of life?

OR would you walk her home and embrace her with a long hug. Accept her for who she is and shower her with the love and respect that you both desire. But, you know you can't change her!

  • Yes, I would hurt her for her well-being
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  • No, I would like to love her unconditional
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  • IDC
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  • This is too depressing to answer!!
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  • What the fuck is this question

    • Oh my apple !! I am so sorry I was watching a show... yeah it's kinda fucked up...

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