How to find a catfish in GAG?

on GAG* lol fml


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  • Ahh aye, I must telleth thee the grand and noble journey of the mighty GAGon (GAG dragon). For twas a dark time in the internet ere the noble creature cameth. Catfish runneth amok. No one kneweth who could really be who.

    But then, everything hath changed at which hour the mighty GAGon cameth.
    With wings of fury and tail of truth, it exposed each GAGer catfish, one by one.

    How could this majestic beast do such a thing with such splendor and grace?
    Well, truth beest told... no one know.
    Ancient text telleth us that he hath used a mysterious item hath called "Google Image Search. " Using its magic powers, the mighty GAGon telleth us who we art by simply plugging in the offender's image.

    "WITCH CRAFT! THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS... EVERYONE, PLEASE RATE ME 1 to 10 TOO! " yelled some GAGers at the sight of the powers that layeth before them. But just then, the mighty GAGon smite those folk all down, exposing their lies and showing the world of how their profile was but smoke and mirrors.

    I heareth the mighty GAGon is making its returneth to this day to fix the catfish run amok. Aye. Maybe even one day thee wilt see such a majestic beast fly through the sky.

    • You okay bruh?

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    • The blues and other things kind of like led zeppelin. He plays bass and guitar. Tried to learn piano but he didn't really practice much. So he can't play to many things to my knowledge. Your actually 1-2 years older than him. :D

    • After a dog and after a mexican sauce XD
      now that I know the meaning I think it's pretty clever! don't change it lol
      I knew a band that was named after a mexican sauce too, their name was "Tabasco" haha

      Yeah, he is very talented. All of you sound amazing! I hope you listen more of your stuff.

      They're very fun :D the guys are very crazy.. actors in general are nuts

      Awesome, less than a week and you guys did that, very good job!

      well, I really liked that song. I heard some covers too, never heard the original ones but I loved the covers :D

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  • 1. Ask for a picture of them.

    2. Get picture. (Or if they say "no" then they might be)

    3. Right click on picture and click "Google Search For This Image" (Or drag the pic up to a new tab and the right click.)

    4. If it shows a name like "Did you mean______?" or it shows a web site were it shows the pic then click on it and find it.

    Hope This Helps!


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  • Reverse google search, though it's not always reliable. If they're willing to send you a selfie, but unwilling to send a personalised one (e. g. holding their shoe, a piece of paper with your name, three fingers held up), then they're probably a catfish.

  • In GaG lol gave me some nice mental pictures.

    The most noticeable to me is when it's a teenage girl 15-16 and they have a profile picture of a woman who looks at least 25.

    Like others said google reverse is the best way but I think most of those only show up if those photos are used on a main profile page some where else. There could be plenty of ones that don't show up as well or maybe they're using old photos that the person no longer has up on their profile pages.

    You could always ask them to do something specific and take a photo if it's someone that you know though.


  • Low Xper level accounts that have profile pictures or post images of gorgeous women or men make me second guess the authenticity of the user. That's usually when I do reverse image searches on Google to see if the photos are posted anywhere else on the Internet.

  • Why does it matter? I don't understand. Do you really think I'm Maleficent?

    • Hahahah XD

      Of course not.

      It matters because you think you're chatting with someone who looks gorgeous but if they're lying you might be talking with some crazy dude/dudette who wants to kill people XD

    • I doubt that it's that dire, in most cases. They're more likely to steal your money than they are to kill you.

    • Haha yeah, that's for sure

  • Normally putting the picture into google images will tell you if that same one exists some where.

    • your picture is all over the internet and I also have my doubts if you really look like that...

      CATFISH! 😠

    • @Yumix :D I rather not look like I was drawn. Though i do wish my actual body looked like hers. My ass is already there just the rest of the body not fully there yet. :D

    • don't worry, with an ass like that people won't notice the rest anyway :P

  • 1) find a fish
    2) find a cat
    3) glue them together
    4) take a picture
    5) post on GaG

  • Reverse Google search and pay attention to how they type.