I keeping dreaming about a dead loved one in my dream I always trying to get back to him and I always lose him some how. what does this mean?


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  • Dreams are the process of the brain consolidating it's information.

    Often someone with have a dream about someone while their brain is doing such, that dream will make them think about the person more, which makes more data, which causes more dreams, which makes the person focus on the dreams, which makes more data about the person and the dreams.

    It's a endless cycle, stop focusing on it and the dreams will end, though if it's telling ya something, ya might hear it out.


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  • I think it means you're still trying to accept that he's gone, because it's showing you the reality: he always goes away even though your desire is for him to stay. :/
    Sometimes our dreams remind us of what we, one way or another, have trouble accepting.