I'm so frigging tired of always being the good girl?

Actually I'm torn and not sure what to do from here? But what I know is that I'm tired of always doing everything right, I'm just not sure it's worth the risk of making bad decisions

My family is quite conservative and you know I love my parents, I don't want to cause them any grief and I don't think I ever did. I never stayed out too long, wore dresses too short, sneak around with guys. I played sports, I studied hard so I could get into a good college. And it was the same in college, I worked, studietdhard, got a few athletic sholarships, never drank too much, never hooked up, always choose the good guys, dress modestly, collect recipes in my free time. I'm basically my own grandma

I literally have no regrets in my life, other than that I have no regrets.
And on the one hand all this landed me a good job almost a year before I even graduate. And I'm happy about that and I don't want to lose it

But relationship wise it has gotten me nowhere. I think most guys think I'm boring and frankly I'm bored myself. I'm just so tired of waiting for that right guy. It's not how I imagined my first time to be, but I think I just want to have some fun. Go out with different guys, even if they're not exactly husband material. I want to do something irresponsible because I never have in my life
But then actually I'm not sure I'm quite ready of letting go the idea of getting married young and that kind of stuff

And ya I don't know what I want really. Any expierences? Or suggestions that you might want to share?


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  • Well.. now that you have your job.. and got a routine and used to your job so that you can do it blindly, DO THE FUCK YOU WANT! NOOOOW YOU'RE A GROWN UP, LIVING ALONE! Go clubbing in the weekends, drag a few guys to your place and fuck your brain out. Celebrate that you made it so far in life.


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  • I don't know, there are lot of ways to have fun while still staying good.



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  • Guy's have figured this out, why can't you?
    Fuck it all... Be a total bitch.

    • I hate those guys that say that. And now I'm one of them. irony

    • Yessss... embrace the darkness let the hate flow through you.

  • You need to date before getting married. It's essential.


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