Is it bad to not remember dreams or to not have them?

since is was a kid i haven't really had dreams, or at least i couldnt remember...


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  • Everyone dreams bro unless you have a certain personality disorder or you smoke weed

    It's not a bad thing but you're missing out on the joys of unconsious dreaming

    You could meditate (stress decreases dream recall)

    You could reshearch dreams and get a better understanding of them

    Learn lucid dreaming (control your dreams)

    Affirmations are an awesome way of remembering dreams :)

    • well, I have borderline personality

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    • Could try and practice remembering dreams for at least a month

      And if it bothers you go to a doctor and see if they could help you out bro :)

      Hope this helped

    • thanks, it did help i can remember some things from my dream last night

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