How do you feel about hairy people?

i'm a boy i'm not hairy facially... we'll not much... just bushy side burns, a little barely noticable chin hair and a small small mustache

But i;m super hairy some where else.. and my arm pits,

I remember i was about 13 seeing my sister have arm pit hair i was jealous.. not i hate it...

every time i shave my arm pits or groin it grows back even worse about a week later..

i personaly don't like hairy girls i mean i like a little hair on them "down there"
so they don't look like 9 year olds down there but i hate my bush

i like a little hair above my... but thats it, same with girls

how do you feel about hairy people?


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  • Hairy people can survive in blizzards, their hairs would serve as a perfect body armor! 👍


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  • I think it's cool that guys get thicker hair everywhere and some guys have it on their backs and ass and stomach. It's neat lol
    I wouldn't mind if a guy I was dating was really hair or had very little hair or was somewhere in between. I think it's cool how there's a variety

    • i have it in all of those places but not much you can't really tell unless you rub the area,
      so people dont care?

    • People who matter don't care lol I don't think anyone would seriously co spider it a deal breaker if they already like you

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