What do you do after you make the football team?

I'm a big guy..
I'm 6 ft and 280 pounds.

All of the football coaches and teachers are after me... they keep bugging me to join telling me that they could really use me on the team, i was going to do wrestling, but i guess i can do both. so i decided to try out tomorrow i'm going to get more info on it.

After i try out and possibly make the team what happens next?

do we immidiately go into the football field and learn plays?
do we figure out what position we play?
do we like work out and get fit for it?
do we learn about the football positions, ect?
do we play nfl?
get our gear, helmets, ect?
just dance and hope we learn football by dancing

if al of these happen or none of them

can you tell me what comes first and last

  • Immidiately to the football field
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  • Figure out our positions
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  • work out, get fit
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  • lean about the positions
    Vote D
  • Get gear
    Vote E
  • play nfl
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  • just dance
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Depending on when, usually Football tryouts are ran Over the summer so it's always in this order

    >They Find You a position
    >Learn position
    >Get Gear
    >Football Camps (If your school goes to them)
    >Football Field

    Don't be afraid to lay a hit or get hit. Enjoy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • cool how long do we work out

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    • that won't be easy..

    • of course not. Nothing will be. You have to work for it.

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  • Just dance like hahah


What Guys Said 2

  • the first few days are training days, then you get gear, then you learn plays and figure out positions. then if you are good you can go to college and play, then the nfl if you are really good. then you can dance

  • work out, get fit, practice and win every football game.

    • thats what you do right after? work out? i was hoping we did but i dont want to like do jumping jacks, push ups, etc

    • those are warm ups, next is wieghts and running and so forth.

    • ugh i hate warm ups
      and im not fast enough run thats why i want to lose weight