What goalso do you have for yourself?

Just being curious. I set a list of my personal goals each year. Does anyone else do something similar? What kind of goals do you have for yourself?


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  • 1. Finish my doctor's degree and get into a good high paying specialty.
    2. Live in Hawaii.
    3. Marry a woman that completes me.
    4. Have 3-5 kids.
    5. Be a great husband and dad.
    6. Help out my community and regularly volunteer at countries that need doctors (I might do doctors without borders for a couple of years, who knows).
    7. Get into car racing.
    8. Buy a motorcycle.
    9. Get a skydiving licence.
    10. Own a nice boat.
    11. Buy my dream car.
    12. Get good at playing the guitar.
    13. Make Diamon in LoL
    14. Have my own pottery workstation in my house.

    I think I can accomplish most if not all of these... making diamond will be tough though


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  • to get the body that i want, to move up at work, to move into a house, to be a better person


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  • Surviving winter is my main goal this year


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  • Yeah, I want to get my driver's license.


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