Can I get opinions on this Bobbie Gentry cover?

Hey there, so I know this isn't a well known song but someone asked me to do it so I was just hoping for some opinions on it. Thank you <3 :)

Really appreciate any comments negative or positive <3


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  • Whoa.

    Hey I grew up during Bobby Gentry's era and I personally think you sing it better than her. Only one thing... I think you had a bit of a problem doing the "low notes" ... you know the low part where you have to lower the pitch and sing... "Tallahatchie Bridge".

    But seriously... LOL... when I viewed that YouTube there were only 8 views and I'm like... "Shit this girl can sing! Only 8 views?".

    You have a unique voice... I might even say a bit retro... it's not like the cookie cutter crap of today where every girl tries to sing in the same style.

    Plus - you have artistic presence... YOU LOOK like someone who could be a great singer.

    LOL... that's pretty cool stuff, s'alls I can say!

    • Wow thank you so much!! <3 It was a bit difficult hitting those, I don't think I can quite get it but maybe with more practice on my vocals.

      Haha Hopefully I'll get more views at some point... I don't have much of a fan base or anything like that.

      Thank you, I can't stand the Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato type voices so that means souch to me.

      Thanks so so much again, means the world to me!!!

    • No really, you have a great voice and great look - and you don't look self-concious when you sing. It's extremely good, I wouldn't say so otherwise. Good Luck!

    • Thank you!

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