Driver blaims me for him being late?

So my office provides us with free trqnsport from home to office. We get a bus , and everyone on the bus route can get on the bus and go to office. It comes arpund 6. Today the bus didn't come.
Around 6 15 i left to get a normal bus as i thought i missed the office bus. I was calling the driver and he didn't pick up. So i left. Around 6 20 he's calling me sir why are u late. Im like okay wait i left cuz i thought u were gone, hold on ill come back (to the place where he normally picks me up) wait a minute.

I wasn't mad at him or anything , i understand he can be late.. i wasn't gonna ask him why he was late or anything. I just wanted to get on the bus.

When i got to the bus around 6 23 he's like " why r u late sir , i need to go on time" . I was like "you were late so i left to get a bus. he's like" well yeah but u have to be on time" i was like well "i waited for 15 mins and left for a bus cause YOU were late. "

Then he shuts up and drives.

Why the hell is this guy blaming me? When i told my mom about this she's like "dont fight with the driver he's the guy who takes you to work" i wasn't even gonna complain to him about being late. He was the one brought it up.

Typing from phone, mind the mistakes


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  • You sound really nice and calm. :)

    I have no idea why he did that.



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  • He's a moron. His job as a bus driver should have been the first clue.

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