What should I do about this?

Me and my husband and my brothers and they're friend have a band I'm the bass player we play everything from 70's rock to 90's country. We sing lots of our favorites were having a show Friday afternoon. We're playing the country song I'm Already There by Lonestar. My brothers favorite song. I just now tried to listen to it on YouTube I couldn't get half way through it without crying. I use to love it when I was younger now it makes me cry. When I was pregnant with my son my husband wouldn't let me sing or play sad songs because I'd cry really easily but now our son is 2 but this is the first time we've played this song. I dont see how singers can not cry while preforming a sad song like this one. How can I get through it without crying? What should I do?


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  • Just go with it. Music is supposed to make one emotional. I've seen Bernadette Peters cry while singing

  • #1 (professional musician, I can cry at some songs too). Always remember that it's ok to feel like crying.
    #2: transfer the emotion of crying into an uplifting, righteous emotion - this will catch you from turning something joyous into something tearful.
    #3: remember that you are a pro, who can, has and does control things when on stage, for the good of the act and the enjoyment of the audience.
    #4: tell yourself it is ok to hear that song later in private, and make a promise to yourself to hold the tears for that time.

    Hope this helps.

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