Flagging your own posts?

So I haven't really been active on this site in over two years. I would check in maybe every couple months but I am concerned that during my 2-3 years on the site some of my questions may have been inappropriate/too explicit, I think I was immature and didn't filter myself. None of my questions or commcomments nets have been reported in the two hats I've been virtually away but... As any users probably know there is not any mechanism not delete any content and I worry that even if I deactivate my account the content will of course remain and I don't want to get sued by gag or anything years down the road or be resposible for maintaining any offensive or explicit content. I can deactivate my account but will that forfeit any responsibility have? If I can't flag things for review that are my questions or delete I don't know what control I have. Yes I posted llthose things but if I can help it I don't want anything that could be found offensive to remain if I can help it. If nothing has been reported in such a long time maybe I shouldn't worry? Am I just being paranoid?


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  • You can't flag your own posts but if you're concerned, you can message the admins at https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

  • 1: Yes, you are just being paranoid..

    2: You can always go back and change them to anon


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