Can you give me advice on getting my first tattoo?

I have been going back and fourth for years on whether or not to get a tattoo. All of my friends, literally, have them and have been trying to get me to get one, but its my body, of course, and I wasn't just going to get a tattoo just to get one or becasue everyone else was doing it. I wanted it to actually mean something. I'm a photographer, so I decided that I want a small camera on my forearm. I bought some temporary ones that look similar to the one I want and have been wearing them around off and on for about 2 months to see if I really like it, and I decided I do, so on my birthday in two months I'm going to go for it. I'm a bit nervous about the whole process, so any advice on how to make it as smooth as possible from anyone with tattoos would be great.


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  • I have a few tattoos, and the main piece of advice that I can give you is to do your research on the tattoo parlors in your area. There are a lot of shady ones, so you'll want to find a reputable one that is safe to go to.

    Set up an appointment to meet with the tattoo artist, and ask if they have a portfolio. Most of them will, and it's a good way to check out the quality of their work. It's something you'll have forever, so looking over their previous jobs will give you a good feel for their attention to detail. You donct want someone that's only going to put in the minimal amount of effort.

    The actual experience will be different for everyone, depending in your pain tolerance. When I've gotten mine, I read a book, or played a handheld game, because the pain was barely noticeable. It's akin to having a fingernail scratching you for an extended period of time, but you'll kind of go numb after a while.

    After the tattoo is finished, the artist will likely cover it with something, because it will bleed a little bit. You'll want to leave that on for a little while. After you take it off, apply some A&D ointment to it (diaper rash medicine) twice a day for about two weeks, so it heals properly.

    The first couple of days, you'll want to keep it covered while sleeping, because it can stick to your bedsheets, and peel some of the color off. If it does stick to the covering, do NOT peel it off. Hop in the shower, and run it under cold water, until the covering falls off. That will keep it from peeling.

    I hope that helps, and good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice. Really helpful!

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  • I know many that have gotten them and your at least going about it the the right way but it is quite painful depending how good you are with pain, it's equivalent to a bee sting and the colors hurt longer when filling in


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  • I don't have one but my friend got her first about an year ago. She loves captain America got his shield tattooed on her shoulder. It took 4-5 hours and the woman who did it was awsome. Choose a tattoo place that you are comfortable with and talk to the artist before hand. Good luck.

  • If you want it go for it! It's a little nerve racking however the pain scale is not what you think, it's not incredibly painful it honestly just feels repetitive, I've never once wanted to cry x