Do you think sometimes things happen for a reason?

I was suppose to meet two different guys from an online dating site some time ago. Not only that but after a long time (like 4 years) of not being invited to a hang-out, much less a party I got invited to a disco. It's still taking place on Oct. 31 (hours after taking final exams).

However, a week ago my blood levels dropped a lot and I'm still on treatment. Not only did I had to cancel those dates obviously but can't drink nor go to the party. According to my mother, she thinks sometimes things happen for a reason.

Basically I was going to hang-out and possibly get back in the dating world after a long time of not doing either of them and suddenly I can't now. Not till I get those blood levels back up and the doctor tells me I'm fine.


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  • Absolutely everything in this world and n your life happens for a reason..

    • Yeah my mother is like ''who knows, maybe those dates wouldn't have been good, maybe the upcoming party wouldn't be good either''. Oh well. I guess there will be a next time once I get better.

    • See ones there is life then there is everything when health is ok.. Then weather is there... So I have this logic I don't know if you have same or not.. But yes.. U my to recover soon and be good.. To date some other guy..

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