Are you in favour of the British royal family?

Im totally in favour of the royal family. They do so much for the country and give our economy a major boost.

the queen alone (not including other members of the family) raises about £1.4bn a year and is patron to 510 charities in Britain, including Cancer Research UK, the British Red Cross and Barnado’s (Cafonline. org).

The royal family also carry out work to increase Britain's diplomatic and economic relations and attend 2000 official engagements every year, both at home and abroad (Royal. gov. uk).

Both prince's have served in the military, and infact I had the honour to share my tour of afghan with prince harry. prince andrew served during the falklands conflict and military service by the royals isn't a new thing, this tradition goes back a long way.

princess charlotte alone was estimated to boost the economy by £2.3bn (Yahoo News UK) and as a whole, the royal family generates £26bn for the country (Full Fact). Also, the royal family directly employs about 1200 people. (royal. gov. uk)

All of this costs the UK tax payer jst 40-60p a year ($0.7 US)

Oh, and the royals do pay tax, just like the rest of us (Royal. gov. uk).

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  • They don't really do much except provide inspiration and perform symbolic roles. I suppose for that reason they might as well stay.

    • did you even read what i had written? lol

      they do a massive amount for the country, i guess that £26bn they generate per year is easily missed. Oh and prince harry having an active fighting role in afghan along side regular squaddies is pretty nothing as well.

    • Only as far as I needed to see that your interpretation of the facts was complete bollocks, which was when you said £26 *billion* a year.

      Here's what they cost and generate per year:

      If you'd actually read the articles yourself, you'd have seen that the extremely nebulous 'valuation' of their 'brand' and its worth, not how much money they generate per year! They have physical assets valued in the billions and their 'brand' is valued highly (like the royal brand you see on any number of consumer products) but that in no way means they themselves actually generate 26 billion notes.

      26 billion Pounds Sterling is, coincidentally, the same revenue generated by Barclays Bank, which is the seventh largest bank in the world.

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  • They take millions and millions of pounds from our economy. True, they bring tourists but I reckon without the royal family we're an established enough country that they would still come, I just don't think they give enough back.

    • Did you even read what I had written? im guessing not as everything listed cannot be discarded as not giving enough back lol

      they generate £26bn per year. as a country we're broke as fuck. £26bn is A LOT of money.

      They also do a lot for charity as well as military service.

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    • @asker and nah that is the truth, I've known peopel in the army and they were treated like shit and one guy is putting in a claim to the army because of how much he was bullied by the leaders so.

    • lol, henry the 8th lived in the 1500's. i dont think he is relevant to whether the current royal family are good for the country or not. thats like saying the current german government is bad because hitler was once in power.

      Also, are you seriously going to try to argue army life with me? how long did you serve again? sure, you get some bad apples and bullying happens, just like in any other job, but its no where near as prevalent as you make it out be, its simply not accepted in today's army. anyway, thats completely off topic.

      you still haven't given me a reasonable answer as to why they're not good for the country, besides the fact that you're salty because you're not able to be a princess. not all little girls can be princesses.

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  • As a lower class London lad I don't care for them.
    If I ever met the Queen I wouldn't bow to her, because she isn't my superior. Just another human being like everyone else. This isn't the 12th century, after all

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  • They've never given me any reason to dislike them, so I think they're pretty great.