Whats up with poeople touching my butt and guys being gay to me?

at my school people are always touching me and im self concious about my butt
it runs in my family and people are making me feel uncomfortable..

i know 2 guys who are always looking at my butt
purposely though making sure i see them when they do it and its honestly foul.

same with girls i don't mind them obvious reason but the guys get on my nerves

when i was in the lunch line i felt something rubbing up against my pants..
i turn around and this girl was there she said

"omg" when i turned around and i tried to scoot up a bit i didn't want her touching me because people were around i wouldn't have cared probably would have wanted her to if it was just us but it wasn't

and the guy who always is keeps making jokes about it saying im gay because i have a butt like a girl yet he's the one who keeps looking at it


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  • People know that it annoys so you so that's why they keep doing it. If you do t like it, tell a teacher or ignore it.

    • kind awkward telling a teacher people keep touching my butt

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    • because im a guy
      its weird for a guy to report being sexually harrassed by females and other guys

    • It's really not. You have the same rights to your body and personal space as anyone else.

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