How did you learn about cars?

Love cars always have been obsessed with cars and everything about them, always wanted to be a mechanic... I've always been obsessed with finding out everything about them, but i dont know enough (i know a lot... but not enough) other than family -cause mine is an asshole- how did you learn about cars because i need to know everything!! What videos do you watch, pages you follow, magazines tv shows everything... i need to learn more about cars they are my life #cars

I watch a lot of topgear and engineeringexplained on YouTube if you have any videos please share lol


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  • Well, I mean, I had Hot Wheels and model cars and car calendars and stuff as a kid ever since I remember. So there's that.

    Since my family is pretty much on the lowish end of the middle class or something, I had to work at a grocery store for minimum wage, part time, in order to save up for a car.

    I ended up with about $2000 to spend, so I had to look on craigslist.
    I mostly just clicked on the cars that looked cool enough, or I already knew about, and then narrowed them down by mileage and stuff. I did lots of research on the models after narrowing them down, to see if they were reliable enough.

    I ended up getting a '94 Cadillac Seville as my first car, and MAN it was a fuckin sweet ride. I felt very impressive driving around in that thing. It was so classy.

    Unfortunately, in 1994 they had started using the Northstar engine, which is one of the worst engines to work on. But, on most of the reviews, people talk about all the other great things... it's only when I was trying to find solutions to problems with that engine that I finally found out how shitty of an engine it was. And even then, it worked really great and efficiently until you had to fix it. In fact, I think it was a "reliable" engine for the most part, but if it broke, you went broke.

    So yeah, my dad and I (mostly me doing the work until I had to ask him how to do something) fixed a lot of problems with that car, and eventually realized that the head gasket was fucked, which was the main problem for many Northstar owners, and basically meant the whole engine would have to be replaced. (And the engine would cost more than I bought the car for).

    Somehow we were able to sell it, probably only because it was in PERFECT condition cosmetically, despite being 20 years old.

    My parents and my brother and I have bought cars off craigslist for the past 5 years or so because that's all we could afford, and we have learned lots about cars from that...

    • u just described my life lol i still collect hot wheels too and i got this nice 97' soarer with a 2jz, did some body work and a repaint.. just orderd a nice set of rims too lol thats cool tho

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  • Do you have a car of your own? If you do, or if not, when you do, get a Chilton's or Hayne's manual from AutoZone or O'Reilly and a set of ramps or a good floor jack WITH jack stands, and start collecting some QUALITY tools (Trust me, your knuckles will thank you for the extra investment).

    I learned by tinkering around with my first car... and reading / participating in online forums for that specific car or type of car (in my case, 82-92 Firebirds and Camaros, and general muscle car forums).
    Now with YouTube there are probably more videos than you could ever watch, which is much more than what I had.

    Start with basic stuff... Learn about engines... what does V8 or V6 or 4 Cylinder mean.
    What's the difference between front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, and all wheel drive?
    What does a transmission do, and what are the differences between how a manual and automatic transmission work?

    Wikipedia and YouTube should be able to cover those in good enough detail.

    Maybe get a part time job at a parts store. You don't need much if any automotive knowledge or experience, it's more of a customer service job and the computer will do most of the work for you. But you'll learn a LOT from working in that environment.

    • Yeah i know about most of that and i own more tools than an auto shop lol and i know a lot about engines and how they work, planning on applying for a job at this one auto shop in town, and i almost have enough for my own car caus my dad won't let me under the hood of the Benz cause he's a bitch haha but ill defiantly take a look at those magazines, i get a lot of performance racing mags too i probably know most about v8, and v6, i dont know too much about inline tho

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    • I usually have no motivation to learn to repair stuff unless I need to specifically fix something. I don't know how I'd remember everything anyway. I still don't really understand how the engine works, but I'm pretty good at guessing how fast a car will be based on the horsepower, liters, cylinders, and weight.

    • @DarkHumorRUs yeah that's the part I wish I knew more about, im not that great at looking at a car and knowing thehorsepower, liters, cylinders, and weight.

  • Car troubles, mechanic visits, and Gran Turismo games

    • Yeah i have forza 3 and gran turismo 4 great games

  • Top Gear and the internet.


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