Should I buy "fat clothes" now?

I am fat. I'm not curvy or voluptuous... no, I'm fat. However, having grown completely sick of being fat, I've been working hard on eating right, visiting regularly with my doctor, getting my BP down, and losing weight. Now that winter is here, and I'm down a substantial bit of weight, I need to buy some clothes. However, I'm frustrated because I've now gotten down to the verge between Plus size and Regular women's sizes, and I'm still losing weight with quite a ways to go. I don't have all that much money to spend because I've saving up for a major vacation in the Spring. Should I just hold off on getting any clothes and just ride the season out in my now very loose fatter clothing, or should I just go ahead and get some winter stuff for the body I have now?


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  • Buy winter stuff for the body you have now. But you won't need it for long. Because the first step fat people screw at is admitting they are fat. So I believe in a few months you will redeem the body that you desire.


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  • Can you look around like goodwill or Ross and spend less than you would at bigger stores?

    • thanks for the suggestion. I had no desire to go high end either way, but Goodwill may be just the thing to tide me over.

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  • First off, congrats on your weightloss and being determined!
    If you keep the same determination, I would suggest hold off on buying clothes as you will be losing more weight! :)

    • Thanks. I can't hold off too long though because belts won't hold my fat pants up that much longer before I'll be forced to size down anyway. I'm just hoping to cover them up with coats and long cardigans so people won't notice if they do slip.

    • You could try and buy really cheap clothes temporarily until you get to your goal weight?

  • Buy inexpensive clothes now