Any GTA V modders on here lol?

I don't know if this question will be against the rules or anything but are there any GTA V modders that can do a money drop for me for free? I had someone do one for me a few weeks ago just randomly which was pretty nice and I got a million, my friend had someone do it to him the other day and he got like 50 million!
There really needs to be a "gaming" topic on here too :P


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  • Yes, I am. Just message me your bank details and Paypal account and we can sort this out...

    (P. S: Im joking) sorry I think I have to add this just in case people don't get sarcasm...

    • Lol! I know some people usually want money for it but there's the odd ones that just do it for you like me and my friend had happen, I don't know if I'll get my account suspended or whatever for it though but yolo right? :P

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    • Yes Ladies and Gentlemen... it really was that easy...*takes off sunglasses*

    • lolwot >.>

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