Who's your favourite superhero 😉?

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  • Actually... The Flash. Bart Allen's "Impulse." because it was funny - especially interacting with Batman. Impulse was like a big 3 year old. Batman was more for waiting through things even if it wasn't an immediate benefit. But Allen had skills that really DID help.


    As far as these pictures... probably Captain America, though I'd say all of them, really. ;)

  • Ciem. If you can't find a Ciem shirt, you can make her proto-suit from "Ciem: Inferno" pretty easily. Just take an orange shirt, and paint a black centipede on the chest. It doesn't have to be the official ten-leg centipede logo from the wiki either, but you can if you feel up to it. A golden official centipede could be stitched in, but that takes a lot more work. As for the suit texture... I'm still working on that myself.

    • Feruga would be just as easy: a tan shirt and a turquoise centipede. And while Ciem uses a glorified staple gun, Feruga has whips.

      Actually, many Gerosha heroes' costumes could be made with little effort.
      - Taterbug: sack cloth and some spy gear
      - Gray Champion: black mask with yellow eye pieces, pilgrim hat, gray Confederate outfit with pilgrim belt. Blue gloves and boots, black cape, sword
      - Sniperbadger: black baseball cap, Detroit Tigers logo. Black Snakes on a Plane T-shirt. Khaki pants. Being blasian helps sell the look.
      - Extirpon: Basically same as Neo, but no guns, no sunglasses, Dread Pirate Roberts mask. Maybe a special helmet and gloves to simulate monster mode.
      - Purge-Flare: Black fireman outfit, fake flamethrower, black "serial killer" mask.
      - Navyrope: SWAT outfit with black helmet with metallic blue upside-down noose painted on it. (The wiki has the noose pattern)

  • I've always thought I don't like superheroes... but I think I was wrong :P

    Captain America or Batman... difficult decision :o

  • batman in the pictures... DAMN!!! but wolverine is the best superhero.

  • Batman, by the way, great pictures ;)

  • Freaking bat man !

    give him enough time he will plan and kick all yer buts ! :)

  • Vote A or supergirl tv show