Help me find this children's horror book?

It's a mexican-american scary story book. I think it has an orange type hard cover. Some stories were, a man was on a horse going down a road and was returning from the bar. And on the way, he sees a lonely woman on the side of the road. He stops and asks if she wants a ride to the next town. She says yes and gets on the back of the horse and holds onto his shoulders. Then on the way his horse starts freaking out. And then he fill the girl start to really dig her fingers into his shoulders. Then when he looks at his shoulders, he sees bones for fingers. Then when he looks at her face, she has a horse face that's nothing but bone. Another one is where a priests daughter wants to run away with her man. But the priest forbids them. So the boyfriend meets him on a stone bridge and stabs a knife into his skull and dumps the body in the water under the bridge. Then a few days later when he goes to get the girl, the priest shows up on the bridge for him and strangles the man to death. I really miss this book and wanna read it again.


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