Should I buy my father a brand new car for his 60th?

Througout the years growing up I made my parents life hell and I really hurt them. I had ADHD and due to my lack of accomplishement and insecurity I made their life hell. They never kicked me out and still always loved and supported me. The past two years I've been driving for uber tweaked on an adderal living at home. THe adderal allowed me to to work like a machine. I was putting in 2 grand a month to dividend stocks and I've managed to build a capital of $55,000. My dad had a corvette back in the day and would always talk about it. Still does till this day. He loves corvettes. He is about to turn 60 and to be honest I don't know how long he has left because of his health. Maybe another 10-15 years. I want to buy him a brand new corvette. Should I do it? Most investors would say this is dumb because I literally am starting at no capital again and it will be hard to grow.

  • Buy the old man a brand new corvette
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  • Give him a fat downpayment of 20grand on the corvette and have him pay the rest
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  • Invest your capital elsewhere and grow it furthermore and reward your father more in the near future.
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  • I think that would be lovely. It's always nice to give back to your parents for everything that they do for you. You should get it for him


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  • Buy him an old Stringray in awesome condition.


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  • If my dad was living and I was in your situation, I probably would without thinking twice about it

  • He will be overcome with Tears of joy when he sees the Corvette!

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