Girls, do you prefer Musicians or Athletes?

Which would you prefer?

Ill give a brief summary of each:

Musician: Obviously plays an instrument (let's say guitar). Average/above average singer. Normal body type. (Factor in other characteristics that seem fit for a musician).

Athlete: Obviously athletic. Well built. Has a tendency to be a "player" with the girls (lol sorry guys). Works out. (Factor in other characteristics that seem fit for an athlete).

Hybrid: Plays an instrument (let's say guitar). Average/ below average singer. Goes to the gym and takes care of himself. Most likely not full of himself. (Factor in other characteristics that seem fit for the hybrid).

If you'd like to explain your choice, feel free! I'd like to see your reasoning behind your choice :)

  • Musicians
    Vote A
  • Athletes
    Vote B
  • A hybrid between the two
    Vote C
  • I don't like any of these types
    Vote D
  • I'm a guy, show me the answers 🙃
    Vote E
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