What are the special privileges for each XP level?

I can't seem to find and FAQ here so dont know where should I ask this.


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  • https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/xper

    For your specific question, here is what the FAQ mentions:

    What Xper Levels determine my capabilities?
    All Levels may post anonymously.
    All Levels may ask poll questions.
    All Levels may post in a Sexuality Topic.

    Xper Level 1 can post 2 questions and 1 take every 24 hours.
    Xper Level 2+ can send private messages
    Xper Level 2+ can post 5 questions and 2 takes every 24 hours.

    Xper Levels 2+ can add clickable links in their posts.

    Xper Levels 1-6 see ads.
    Xper Levels 7+ do not see ads.

  • when you make Guru you get the "VIP Treatment" ;) ;)

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