Naruto shippuden English dubbed stop uploading, why?

I've been waiting on a dubbed episode for a month... they upload every Saturday...

the last day they uploaded was like September the 29th...

Do you know why they aren't uploading?

i assume dubbed and subbed versions are both
working on the boruto movie but subbed versions still uploading do you have any clue?


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  • Get hulu all seasons and episodes and new episode arrive every Thursday

    • what is your most recent episode

    • Orders priority; for some reason there wasn't a new episode this week though but its very reliable. Helped me catch up quickly

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  • It takes time to translate and dub anime's. Just watch the subbed version.

    • they usually upload every Saturday
      do you mean they dub it all at once and upload it every Saturday when they're done?

    • Who knows? All I know is the manga is done, the subbed version is catching up (sort of), and the dubbed version is no where near where it needs to be.

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  • Because they are on vacation? Maybe?