Guys with High Incomes?

Today when I went out for a drink, I was hated on by some people because I wear a nice suit, a Rolex watch, and drive a nice car. I did not voluntarily talk to any of these losers.

i donate a sizable sum to charitable causes, and pay more In taxes than most losers that hate on me.

If if you are a loser do you feel you are merited to hate on successful people because you are a Fat, Hateful, Loser?

  • Yes, I am a fat lazy piece of shit
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  • No, I am a democrat and shouldn't have to work and should be supported by workers
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  • Other, explain
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  • What about fat pieces of shit who have high incomes?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Must've been some hard work to get all those accolades. Who's hard work did you steal it from?


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  • The vibes u put out, makes people not like u... that's my opinion. Why make a poll with just those choices, making people who don't make as much feel shitty?


What Guys Said 2

  • Poll needs an option for high income workers who are sick of subsidizing losers.

    • True...

    • And an option for middle class income workers who see part of their salary flow back to their employers through taxes and subsidies, tax exemptions for the corporate welfare queens.

  • Thee , Sir , art certainly better than the rest of humanity. It's clearly better for thee, not to dirty yourself with those vulgar commoners.
    Thee should attend garden parties with other billionaires.

    • This is the lazy attitude I speak of.. Shouldn't have to pay private club dues not to be harassed...

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    • Lol, don't call me 'dear' bitch. You should get a job at a pretentious coffee shop making 8 dollars an hour where your ass belong, Hippocrit. Don't worry Obama will get you healthcare

    • That's old history, from when I was still bossing thee around for my fun :) and learning thee essentialthings. Then thyne uncle died and thee got rich enough to eat every day.
      by the way, thee forgot to pay three instalments on that Ford Pinto thee art driving. Why , oh why?
      And is that $5 Chinese Polex my maid's brother sold thee still ticking? Amazing! Well, they look swell, don't they?

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