Is she really pretty or something?

My guy friend was talking about how he hooked up with this girl in our school. It kinda seems like he's bragging about it. He was making sexual gestures in class when he was with his guy friend and I don't know I feel like maybe he's proud of himself? My friend said it's probably because he like her or thinks she's like really pretty or something? Because no one would talk about it if the girls ugly

  • He likes her
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  • He wants to be her boyfriend
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  • He thinks she's really pretty
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  • He finds her physically attractive
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  • He thinks her body's hot
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  • He's saying it bc other boys like her
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  • None of the above. He is just weird
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What Guys Said 1

  • Well he hooked up with her so he clearly thinks she's attractive in some way.


What Girls Said 1

  • i dunno man. maybe you should stop caring ^_^

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