Who is your favorite FBI most wanted fugitive?

Who is your favorite FBI most wanted fugitive?
Photo taken in 1983.

Picure Taken in 2003

Jason Derek Brown (born 1969) Is wanted on the November 2004 1st degree murder of Robert Palomeres, an armoured truck guard. At approximately 10 a. m., a hooded gunman (suspected to be Brown) ambushed and shot Palomares with a.45-caliber semiautomatic Glock. Five out of six bullets fired struck him in the head. Palomares was armed, but did not have time to defend himself. He died at the scene and the gunman took a bag of money containing $56,000 in cash, fled into a nearby alley and left on a bicycle. Palomares was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Brown is a mormon, speaks fluent french, has a masters degree in international business, and is known to be the life of the party.

Picture Taken in 1991

Glen Stewart Godwin (Born 1958): Convicted of the 1980 stabbing murder of drug dealer Robert LeValley in Palm Springs, CA in 1984. Escaped a maximum security Folsom prison in 1987 (by crawling through a storm drain) after being incarcerated for only 6 months, arrested in mexico 4 years later in 1991 for drug and weapons trafficking and sent to a mexican prison which he escaped from 5 months later. Fluent in Spanish and likely living in central or south america. Known to be very intelligent, personable and charismatic.


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  • When I was smaller, I always yearned to become Public Enemy Number 1 in America.

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