When boredom strikes, and you have nothing to do, What do you do for fun?

me, i either draw, or do digital paintings

When boredom strikes, and you have nothing to do, What do you do for fun?
p. s. not my best drawing ^^

^^digital paintings

or i lip sync and pretend im making a music video

or i actually sing along: (please excuse my horrible singing)

or i dance ridiculously horrible... how embarrasing lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

or i just browse the internet all day...

How About You? ( BE CREATIVE!!!)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Programming, creative writing, reading, video games, various kinds of TV shows, eating, cooking, jogging, Wikipedia, the rest of the Internet

    Sometimes I take on a pet project and work on it, typically programming or creative writing related, but I've done other stuff, like math.

    I'm like the biggest nerd in the world.

    • that is a great way to keep your self occupied

Most Helpful Girl

  • You're very talented!

    I sing, I act, I dance, I workout, I masturbate, I read a book, I learn something and guess that's it


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  • Ok, lets be honest... most of us just masturbate if we get bored haha XD

    • i don't

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    • We do? Seems kind of strange. I masturbate when I get horny. Anyway, how long can that occupy you?

    • @SomeKindOfPerson Depends really haha XD

  • Masturbate


What Girls Said 1

  • Browse the internet, check out some magazines, go outside, watch a movie , clean my room, dress up and dance or just sleep.