Honesty is my middle name?

A stranger walks up to you and says "honesty is my middle name", you start bursting out laughing as you mutter "yea right honest Abe". As your laughing they hand you their birth certificate and to your surprise Honesty is the middle name listed on their birth certificate. How honest do you think this person is knowing that Honesty is their middle name?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I can't judge them based off of their name it's just a name and for all I know it could be a fake birth certificate.

    (S) he could be a compulsive liar so who's to say?

    • Suppose the middle name on their drivers licenses was Honesty?

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    • Lol I knew that one was next

    • Lmfai thanks for MH although it's like a year later xD

Most Helpful Guy

  • Who carries around a birth certificate and shows it to me randomly? There's something wrong with that picture so something's going down.


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  • Names mean nothing, I wouldn't judge this person's honesty based on its name.

  • I don't get the point of the question, just being honest

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