Girls, How to stop having the urge to kiss my friend on the cheek?

I known my friend for five years. He is smart, handsome, caring, kind and cute when he smiles. Anyway, one day he took my side over a racial dispute he had with his friend. And the way he noticed me as a smart individual made me have the urge to kiss him on the cheek. That was two years ago. But now I am still having the urge to kiss him on the cheek, especially when he do something nice for someone, or show how smart or nice he is. I do hold back this sudden urge to kiss him on the cheek but it is getting stronger. But I have will power to know my limits. I want to stop having these urges because I don't want to slip up and actually kiss him on the cheek.


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  • ok I just want to say,(I COULD BE WRONG) but maybe he wants u to kiss him on the cheek? I don't think that feeling really ever goes away, tbh. but again I could be wrong

    • Ummm... what made you think that he wants me to kiss him on the cheek?

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    • But he has a girlfriend so he can't like me.

    • ohh ok.. that would be bad than.. but he CAN like u, but right now he just can't love u. with him having a girlfriend changes a lot of what I was thinking. yea I don't even know what to think now.. but u really cannot change how u feel, ik from experience that u really can't.. but sry for not being so helpful. hop everything turns out for the better for ya

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