Do you play Sims 4?

I started playing yesterday. I fucked up with first 2 families and they went unsaved, but when I created Raven Godfrey I discovered I could go to the Goth mansion. I seduced Mortimer Goth & made him divorce his wife (just before trying for baby -successful- and inviting her to feel it.). They had their first date when she was pregnant with her second child, got married just after the third was born. After Raven moved in, I sent the ex-wife to my old, much smaller house and kept the kids.

The kids' names are Ada Amelie, James Silas and Elheida. Mortimer's kids with ex-wife were Cassandra and Alexander but I decided Alexander was boring, so I put him in a triangle room with nothing in it & sold the door. He died from hunger. I didn't knew ghosts could haunt the house, so I released his spirit to the Netherworld.

After Elheida became a child, I sent her to Oasis Springs to the Landgraab mansion. There was a blonde guy there, he was kinda effeminate but I ignored it because I want a blonde sim. I called Raven over (now an old lady) and made her bake a cake & quickly aged El to young adult and got her pregnant. I called Mortimer over too and began to get notifications that his time is near & he may want to get his unfinished business done. So he died coding on the Landgraab's PC. The Grim Reaper took his soul. His wife and daughter mourned for about 5 seconds. I saved the game there because it's 6:00 AM.


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  • i dont play it