Why do I keep purposely waste time?

This is a dumb question but I honestly don't know why I keep on doing it. Everytime I come home from school, I purposely waste time and wander or just not do my homework or study until around 7 pm. Then I would stay up until 11-12 pm and wake up at 6 am. I do this everyday for school days. I just don't seem to want to focus somehow. Even when I do have time to do things I waste it. Have anyone eveer done this? How do you try to stop wasting times?


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  • It's part of your routine and it's a habit that you are use to doing. I think you can fix it and change it. You need motivation to. Just try to do your homework first or even part of it first then do the rest of your homework later. If it is something easy to do then di that first take a break then study and do the hard stuff later. At least you would finish something early instead of staying up late to do it. You still need your sleep and rest.


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  • Procrastination is a fairly common problem. I tend to be unable to focus because I don't sleep enough, and because I end up doing things that seem short-term beneficial while long term they aren't.


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