Can a girl help settle me down?

Im always full of life and energy i always want to follow my own rules and do my own thing and dont give a fuck i have so much energy i litterally have heart palpatations. Im irrasponsible and spend most of my day on thinking about sex. When im with a girl i like it warms my soul and calms me down i feel right not even sexually i just feel like im on the edge then im stabilized when with a girl. A part of me wants to feel on the edge though strangely. I know this sounds weird but like if a girls around i focus on whats important and im not so impulsive. Im happy without women but female presence kind of changes me?


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  • Yeah, it can happen, bit it doesn't last ling. Only a little maturity or possibly properly prescribed meds are gonna fix that. But not to worry, a lot of us old guys are envious right now.