I'm stuck at my parents house longer while I finish more school. how can I feel less stuck and alone while I wait?

’ve just turned 23 (i know i’m young. please don’t tell me i’m young) and i love my family, plus i know they don’t want me to feel this way, but i feel stuck and i’ll feel stuck until i leave. and that’s affecting my dating life too. it’s practically nonexistent. i’ve lived in the same place my whole life and when you’ve been somewhere for a long time you start running into the same people, and feeling like i’m not going to meet anyone here. which wouldn’t be so bad if i hadn’t put a time constraint on myself.

my mom had cancer a few years ago and it’s back. now my parents have sort of changed the conversation. they’re not forcing me and i don’t feel pressured per se, but who wouldn’t want their parents to meet their grandkids when they can? plus on top of that since she had cancer, a doctor told me that i should be screened ten years before he diagnosed year, which is 40. and i don’t want to have children after 30 because i wouldn’t want them any younger than 10 when i have to start thinking about this stuff… it’s a whole lot going on while trying to live my life by my own pace at the same time. i would love to have someone to care for and spoil and work towards our own goals and our goals together. its difficult to deal with when you feel like you have a lot of love you’d like to give someone; but not just anyone, someone special who you can have confidence that things will be reciprocated and you’re not just wasting time.

that’s why i’m skeptical about dating online. that and i’d feel kind of lame doing it. it’s kind of emotionally draining in itself to have that go just as nowhere as everything else. i don’t really know what kind of suggestions could come from this, but if anyone has an opinion or knows the feeling i’d like a bit of insight. how to deal with this paranoia about being alone/wasting time and/or this stuck feeling?


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  • Wasting time about what? Education... then you're obviously studying something you fear will do you no good. Dating? ... What does you living with your parents have to do anything with your dating life? It has nothing to do with that. What you're feeling is loneliness, that's leading to desperation.

    • never said i was wasting time with education. i'm actually studying the very thing i want to do for the rest of my life. i'm am not 'obviously studying something i fear will do no good.' i think you should read before you comment. (i mean no harm i just think i've covered all this.)

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