What would you do if you were in a Jane the virgin type of situation?

Bored, finished watching The Vampire Diaries season 7 start up, a few anime's, and now I'm watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix which made me curious.


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  • I think I would do exactly what she did... but with much less grace and maturity. A pregnancy would throw my life off track in a huge way.

    • Same here. I'd give the dude his child since it would be his one and only biological child after the birth. It's my first time watching the show because I've already seen damn near everything on Netflix so I'm not sure about how she has ended it.

    • I saw the first season, but then kind of got bored lol. Netflix has so many options, yet none of them are appealing to me at the moment.

    • I know the feels, but so far it's funny.

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