Girls, When you have your period read below?

When you girls or lady's have your period
You talk about a guy friend you really like do you get really emotional when you think of them. Like if you been sick for awhile with a, cold and you started period or just the period. Do you just wondering?


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  • Being more emotional on your period is normal. I don't notice too much of a difference for me, though.

  • Being emotional around your period is normal.

    • Yeah I know but I can't stop thinking of mike ottis I tear up a lot. I think it's, because awhile back he was in a car accident and I was lot more sad then He was in the icu for a very very lo time. I think mike ottis as a, hard time eating from the accident but he survived it. He is back at work. And doing well When he came back. I told mike ottis I missed him and he smiled at laughed he said that was cool. Ever since then we have talked and just started bring around each other as much as possible.

    • Still fine.

    • I never really likes a guy like these he just got like a sweet heart. I mean after what he as been through.