Don't you hate when someone in your dream morphs into someone else?

So to start, I find the whole Zodiac thing to be very interesting. It's not that I believe in it exactly, it's just that I like to see what the horoscopes say. I read one yesterday saying something about a person of significance to me will be in my dream (and I am real big on the whole dream subject), and to pay close attention to the message they may have for me. In my dream quite recently, there was this guy that I have a thing for (he helped me get over my ex that I dated for 3 years so my gratitude turned into feelings for him, but, I digress) and in my dream we did our usual flirting thing and he seemed to really like me. Then something happened with a girl moving away, he got mad at me for asking him what was wrong with him, and then he started ranting about how he loved her. Then, just like that (right as his rant started) he morphs into a different person completely, but still someone I know. Now here I am, stumped about the message this dream could have had for me.. I know it's not much details, but what do you guys think?

Also, I thought this was funny but in that dream, the morphed person in my dream broke down during his rany and started quoting the song "She Wouldn't Be Gone" by Blake Shelton word for word. In my dream I knew what was going on. Its funny cause that song was playing on my phone while I was sleeping at that exact moment. I kinda think that song brought up the whole scenario in the first place.


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  • That's trippy