Do you think (insert pronoun) should be sent to a female prison?

After being charged for assault (insert pronoun) was sent to a all male prison in Bristol, UK.

Do you think she should be sent to an all female, even though she's legally a man?

Whatever it is, it's still a man!!


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  • (S) he was born a man, but has lived her whole adult life as a woman after reconstructive surgery, according to the article. But (s) he has apparently not followed through with the paperwork to legally become a woman. Why (s) he has not done that is not discussed, and the original court sentence was to a men's prison in accordance with assigning by legal sex. There was an allowance in their laws that let them later transfer her to a women's prison and that happened. things would have been simpler if (s) he had just done the paperwork. They would have been even more simple if (s) he had kept her butt out of trouble,

    (S) he was guilty of head butting a barman causing damage to his teeth. (S) he had eight previous convictions. Not a stellar example of either sex.

  • The purpose to gender separation, for the most part, is to prevent all that raping that would happen. we all know she would become a target as soon as she walked into that prison. If if she/he is never assaulted, she/he would sit with the fear that she is the number one target.

    To fulfill the purpose for separation, she would need to be put in a woman's prison. In this case, whether she is a man or woman is erelevant