Would you be a supporter of a "United States of Europe"-style nation comprising most European states?

Would you be a supporter of a

The European Union already has some characteristics of a US-like government. Would you be a supporter of the European Union (and more) turning into one country, giving existing countries the status of a US state?

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I personally wouldn't really, by the way. There are probably some advantages but I think we're better off as it is now, although I could see a unification happening.


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  • What kind of stupid idea is that?


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  • A lot goes into forming a US like nation. The EU isn't there yet. I don't think the people of Europe may get there in my lifetime. There is no Europe wide nationalism which is necessary to get the people behind it. People are french or Greek, not European. In the USA we are Americans first, Texans and califorians second. Something bad happens in Florida and the entire nation is on standby to back them up. The federal budget largely comes from the rich states, with welfare mostly going to the poor states, but the other EU member states don't see the Greek or Spanish people as part of their country in the same way the people of West Virginia are Americans the same as someone in downtown Manhattan, and are free to move from one state to the other without permission from anyone.

    • True, but if it were to form, would you support it?

    • @Asker As an American I'm looking at it from an American perspective. America is still the most powerful military force in Europe, with my tax dollars subsidizing the defense of the continent to this day. This made sense in the post WWII time period as Europe was in shambles but Europe today is more than capable of providing for a unified defense without it having to come out of my pay check, but refuses to do so as long as they aren't required to. Europe is still too splintered today and focused on internal regional issues for this to be realistic now, and diverts money that could go to defense spending to social programs. Effectively the US tax payer is subsidizing the welfare programs of Europeans.

      I'd like to see the day we just operate skeleton bases in Europe where we can deploy to help our friends there when needed instead of the permanent deployment required today, and a united Europe able to take charge of issues in their back yard like the middle east. But that is unlikely.

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  • ahahahaha, no way in hell.

    in my opinion the EU has played its rolle, at least in its current form. Too much power, too much beurocracy, and complete inability to get anything done.

  • That flag... is awfulll !!! noooo dude. Damn...

    The European plan is that one. But we need to go slowly. This is complex.
    If it brings better conditions to my country. Yes.

  • I imagine it is only a matter of time before they do that

  • You clearly don't know anything about Europe to ever think in something that stupid.

  • It wouldn't work, Europe is too tribal to achieve it.

  • I think there are more things that differentiate European countries than U. S. states. European nations don't have enough in common, historically, to make it viable, and there's not a big external threat that makes it necessary.

  • ''The European Union already has some characteristics of a US-like government''

    Yeah except it doesn't...

    • Well not really, but the different countries share many things like the Euro, the financial system, the lack of border control, et cetera, and the European Union makes some decisions for all countries in it.