I keep fantazing about us working out? I can't stop thinking about us?

When I look back at the dates I have been on and all the guys I have met I can't help but feel like i'll never have that connection I had with this one guy..

It was this intens attraction that happend straight away. . And it was so exciting. . I remember being aroused a lot through Those 3 months we were in contact. . We never offically dated. . But I have never been so attraracted to a guy before...

I can think that other guys are cute, but when make out with them or think about them I dont get butterflies and I dont get excited..

After he messaged me a month ago I keep thinking about him... I keep fantazing about us working out (both were emtionally unavailable/unstable when we met)

What do I do? Im going crazy 😕


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  • The obvious answer would be to contact him

    • But I dont know what to say... We live far apart and I kinda blew him off when he tried to message me about a month ago

    • Start out casual then tell him why you called and tell him you can't stop thinking about him

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