Guys, what are the things that make a girl irresistible to you?


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  • I like innocent, goody-goody type of girls. She shouldn't be boring but she should be a typical "girl next door" type of girl. Also, intelligence is very important to me. By that I don't just mean plain intelligence like you can measure it in an IQ-test but a good general knowledge and even more importantly, a strong, general curiosity and a desire to learn new things. I am interested in and well informed about many topics ranging from philosophy to politics, art or astronomy and I want a girl who can discuss different topics with me on the same level. I don't like girls who just talk about fashion and some stupid pop stars and the length of their fingernails all the time.
    Furthermore, what's also important to me is that she's generally a kind and sweet person. I am rather feminine guy myself in the sense that I am very sensitive and I have a lot of empathy. I like girls who are like that too. I like sweet and gentle girls.
    And finally, of course, there are also her looks. I would lie if I would say that looks aren't important to me at all. But they're certainly not the most important aspect. My ratio is about 30% looks and 70% personality. As for looks, I like girls who dress very casually and not too feminine. I love the girl-next-door look if that makes sense. I like the hoody, jeans, pair of sneakers and a pony tail type of girls.

    • Wow, too bad you're too young for me lol. Thank you for your insight!

    • Too bad you're too old for me :-). Though I have to say I would like to find out some time what sex with an older woman (by that I mean anything under 40) is like. And no, that's not meant as a creepy proposal :-).

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  • This is going to sound a little strange, but the more she seems attracted to me, the more I'm attracted to her, and if she makes this known then I'm pretty much sold, the only exception is if she is a bad girl. I don't like trouble, so I try to stay away from bad girls. ;-)

    • I know exactly what you mean I and pretty much agree with you. There's nothing more exciting than a girl coming up to you and admitting that she's got a crush on you :-).

    • What is a bad girl to you?

    • Hmm, bad girls are the ones who seem to seek out conflict and drama. I can appreciate that some amount of drama in any persons life is to be expected, however I have known women who will create drama to direct attention to themselves, they constantly crave the attention that never seems to be satisfied, and this can end up being a problem because enough is never enough. I can also appreciate that we all have some baggage, but for some it seems they not only have LOTS of baggage they get more and more and more baggage, so much so they should work at the airport... I'm not expecting perfection just some intelligence, maturity and somewhat well adjusted.