Why do I feel like I will never be happy?

I feel like no matter what I do, I will never be happy. Even if I made $10 million, I would still not be happy.

How can I fix this? Or can I?

And I am turning into a health nut, so I will hopefully be alive for a long time to figure this out.

How do I be happy?

I feel like even if I had a supermodel girlfriend, I still would not be happy.

I still think about my death all the time, even if that is 50 years away.


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  • Stop looking for happiness in materialistic things. You'll never find it.

    • What about in sex?

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    • You must not know how to read.

    • I sure do know how to read. You said I don't have much of a life. That's a life.

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  • What exactly do you gain out of being happy?

    • That's not even close to an answer.

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    • Oh, don't worry I will. Because unlike you, I am happy and I can do happy things. It must suck to not be happy.

    • Great! Have fun!

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  • Is there anything on this planet that makes you feel happy when you do it? When you have fun are you happy? Try a whole bunch of new stuff maybe you will like it?

    • I aspire to make millions of dollars selling that I invented... but I don't think it exactly makes me "happy,"... maybe having a baby would make me happy, I'm not sure... or perhaps people were not meant to be happy... I don't know... but I do know that life is limited, so I might as well try to be happy...

    • Well Im happy, Id say being meant to do something doesn't really exist. If you want something to happen you have to make it happen. You have a plan to be rich so maybe after that you can spend time doing a lot of thing you have never tried before? Are you happy with what relationships you have had? If not try and do new stuff, I figure you will forget about unhappiness and just get caught in the moments of having fun. In other words I guess unhappiness is far more apparent then when you are just ok or even happy.

    • In other words I guess unhappiness is far more apparent rather then when you are just ok or even happy.***