Any other guys absolutely terrified of little girls/boys?

So many pedophiles today that I'm honestly scared to even make the slightest eye contact with a little girl. If they a little kid waives at me I'm sprinting in the opposite directions. They are fcking scary. Dead serious about this.. is anyone else absoutley terrified of little girls/boys the way I am?

  • They are fcking terrifying. I know them feels
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  • Haha, this is funny. I imagined a big guy running from a little 5 year old. XP


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  • I was shooting hoops at the park by myself, along comes a kid around 6. The kid just followed me around talking my ear off, it scared the shit out of me. What if his parents couldn't find him? What if they called the police? I told the kid to go home and I took off. I follow the same rules a male teacher I had in high school used. He would always make sure their was a male student present if a female student asked for help after class. In other words cover your bases.


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