What do think of good students that can't even get their HS diploma when they don't pass a state exam?

Like this:

Personally it sucks that all that good grade, paying attention in school, participating in community service hours and working your ass doesn't count if you don't pass a reading assessment exam. By not passing, you can't even get your HS diploma.

I know someone from Florida that's already been out of HS for two years and she didn't pass that reading exam. She's a 3.7 student but because of that exam, she still doesn't have her HS diploma.


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  • I never even got a GED and it never held me back

    • You were able to still get a job in other positions?

    • I did my dream job for my dream company. I was an aircraft mechanic

    • cool. I'm glad you found what you liked. It's dumb how in that state, they're trying to determine your future by a standardized score and that all the other things the students worked hard for don't count.

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  • Why should you get a high school diploma if you can't read?

  • They have the mind of a 5yo

    • Some girl from Fl that I know actually told me she tried and even went to tutoring for the FCAT reading but nothing worked.

    • Sum people doesn't need to do all that and still pass. She must be lazy, not pay attention, sleep in class or play around, texting and what not. They aren't there to learn in the first place but to have fun. Thats why they failed and nvr learn anything unless they have sum kinda learning disablilities so no excuses shall be made.

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