What do when you want to go out, but you have to work (volunteer)?

what do when you want to go out, but you have to work (volunteer)?

I have been askinging around for people to take my shift, but people either dont answer or say they can't go..

I know the right thing is to is to go.. but i really need a day off... I keep going back and forth bewteen just taking the shift and telling them i can't go..


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  • It's not possible to do both? Well depends on what I'm doing etc.

    • No, can't do both.. the shift starts at 20.30 pm and ends 4 am

    • Oh wow! Honestly, what do you want? If you want to go out, then go out!

    • but if i go without finding someone to take my shift (have asked several people, aparantly no one can or wants) my team will be one person short... plus the party i am invited to is by people that work at the same place.. so it would be weird to bail on work, but go to a party.. see my dilemma?