I need motivation- what's your best motivational speech?

Yes please people, let's hear your best motivational speech to motivate someone for exams (I may also steal this to motivate my lazy friends). Thanks!


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  • Does it have to be a speech? Before studying, I usually just search YouTube for "motivational music" or something along these lines. Two Steps From Hell are particularly amazing!

    • No anything will do but I'm not singing to my friends- I'll send them a link though!

    • You won't be able to sing to it anyway unless you know Latin very well, lol.

    • No I don't- yet another setback...

Most Helpful Girl

  • If you fuck up, there's only one person to blame; yourself.
    (I know, not very fancy. True, though. People come up with all sorts of excuses for failing to lose weight, bad grades, etc.. But they're the ones who make the actual decisions in the end, not any external factors.)


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