I found myself following two friends to a seaside.
Originally they wanted to bury my iphone.
After that, i didn't know why... one of my friends threw my iphone to the sea..
it streamed away pretty fast. the sea water is seemed transparent, clean.
followed by my wallet. my cloth... being streamed away
I wasn't sure whether i was naked or not.
Then I turned my back, walked over...
and hug my friend, and i said, ''finally... I made it...''
I realized, tears were flowing out from my closed eyes during my sleep.
it was during a midnight

(Sorry for my bad english)
What was my dream telling me...


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  • I have NO idea. Dreams are based on memories, experiences, thoughts, and memories of things you've seen like movies and books (things that are not necessarily occurring to you). Sometimes dreams don't have to have sense in them, they can be totally random and mean nothing at all. And my dreams are random, out of order, have no significance, and once again I appear in one place and then i'm somewhere else with a different plot in my dreams.


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  • Maybe nothing at all, just a strange dream. Or maybe you're too attached to your "stuff"... too attached to your phone and 'living' on social media and text messages...
    Too attached to money / chasing money... Too attached to worrying about your external appearance... Maybe the lesson from the dream would be that freedom from your iphone, freedom from being focused so much on money, and freedom from being focused on how other people see you, is what will really set you free, aka "you made it".

    It could be nothing, it could be something like that (obviously would be personal to you), or something in between or totally different. Make of it what you will :-)


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  • I am not sure you might want to buy a dream catcher.

  • You have to put away distractions to make it to the top.


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